The Sexual Assault Clinic was started after the founders Christina Rollin and colleague Michelle McLaughlin

noticed that children who have fallen victim to rape and assault were re-traumatized and 

often sadly failed by the very system that are supposed to protects them.

On the 1st of December 2011 the Sexual Assault Clinic opened its doors to become

an essential service to children of the community it serves.

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Christina Rollin is Director of the Sexual Assault Clinic and is currently also the only full-time employee. She is a Registered Nurse for the past 29 years and trained in the field of forensic’s in 2009. Christina have performed over 1600 medico-legal examinations since 2009. She testified in eight different Regional Courts and the North Gauteng High Court as an expert witness.

Christina has successfully testified in the North Gauteng high Court in the high profile “Springs House of Horrors” case, after she attended to all five the children and the mother of the children.

Christina also recently saw the conviction of a serial rapist to 12 life sentences, after she attended to one of his victims and the perpetrator was positively linked to DNA collected by her.

Christina is also a Law graduate and uses her knowledge to assist children and their parents with medico-legal advice.

As result of her passion for child protection, Christina developed and present three abuse awareness training courses in affiliation with Chapter Seven Children’s Service (Pty) Ltd.


Volunteers provide an essential service to our organisation. We are currently boasting with 4 Volunteers serving the Sexual Assault Clinic as members of our executive board and training coordinators.


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