Our Services:


We provide the following professional services to children 12 years and younger:

  •  Medical Examinations
  • DNA and trace evidence collection with authorized SAPS Rape Kits
  • HIV and Pregnancy rapid testing with pre/post counselling
  • Photographic recording of all injuries
  • Completion of relevant police and court documentation
  • Appearance in court by Registered Forensic Nurse Practitioner as an expert witness
  • Form 7 examinations for welfare organisations.


The Sexual Assault Clinic refers children to trusted further psyco-social services when assessments are required by either the Registered Forensic Nurse Practitioner or the judicial services. The Clinic refers families of the sexual and/or physically assaulted child to counsellors to receive emotional support during this period to assist them with their own feelings and by giving them tools to deal with the trauma the child has experienced.

By networking with various psyco-social services the Clinic is able to assist both child and family through the trauma that comes with the viciousness of sexual and/or physical assault.


Our qualified staff will answer any of your difficult questions relating to behavioral changes, emotional issues, possible molestation of a child, reporting and procedures required by law. 


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