Christina Rollin

Child Law Consultant and Forensic Nurse

Christina specializes in the forensic examinations of child victims who have fallen victim to physical and/or sexual assault. She appears in court as an Expert Witness. Her knowledge surrounding rape and assault injuries is vast having examined 1500 victims over the past few years. Christina is highly regarded by the South African Police Services and the National Prosecuting Authority as a professional in her field and is often consulted by the courts and police for her expert assessment of more difficult cases. Christina has recently graduated with a Law Degree (LLB) with the intention of offering a consulting practice to legal and prosecuting offices. 

Referral Partners

Each child victim and the parent's needs are assessed during the visit to the Clinic and referred to the relevant referral partners for therapeutic or supporting services. Our referral partners consist of Social Services, Private Social Workers, Forensic Social Workers, Psychologists, Registered Counsellors, etc. The Clinic is now also in a partnership with the Greater Benoni Child Welfare organisation and renders its services from the premises of the GBCW offices.